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For Honor: New Piratenheldin goes to land on January 27

Ubisoft announces that the for Honor Year 5 Season 4 - Title Update 2.0 will appear on 27 January. In the course of this, a new playable hero archetype is added: the pirates. Armed with its iconic seeders and pistols, the pirates are the first of the migratory birds, a completely new group of heroines and heroes who come from distant horizons. Additional heroes of the migratory birds are added to the game during For Honor's Year 6: Lost Horizons, starting on March 17. The pirates have taken attention to Heath moor after a series of dramatic climate change has affected their home archive. The water is the only home you know, and no ship, no harbor and no warrior is safe from her cruelty. They are bold and passionate fighters and have developed a very own fight style by dealing with enemies of beyond the seas. Armed with your razor-sharp energetic and your unique pistol grab your opponents with a merciless style. They exert continuous pressure by combining the pistol with heav

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