NFL - Antonio Brown attacks Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I should play despite injury

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Antonio Brown has clearly criticized the Tampa Such Buccaneers in a detailed statement after his scandal departure last Sunday. According to the Wide Receiver, the team did not take a violation seriously and want to force him to play despite his complaints.

In the night on Thursday, the 33-year-old had first worded himself since his extraordinary appearance in the game against the New York Jets. Brown published a detailed message.


In it, he explained that he is on an ankle infringement laborers who would take a surgery. An investigation on Monday has shown bone breaks and other damage to his ankle, so Brown. The Bus did not take his complaints seriously.

I took place on the side line and my coach came to me and has 'What's wrong with you? What's wrong with you?' screamed. But he knew it. We had talked about [about the injury], said Brown. He then instructed me to go back to the field. I said, 'Coach, I can not.' He did not call any doctors, but instead screamed, 'That was it!'

I know that we were back against the jets, we all were frustrated. But I could not play football with this ankle, explained the receiver. I think about my reaction in the field, but there was a trigger for that. The trigger was that I was told that I can not feel pain.

NFL: Brown has not been officially dismissed so far

Brown had stood in the square against the jets for 26 plays before suddenly removed his jersey on the playing edge and ran across the field towards the cabin. The receiver then left the stadium.

Bruce Arians explained after the victory of Bus that Brown will not play a game for the Buccaneers. However, the 33-year-old was not officially dismissed. Whether he knew of Brown's injury is negotiated Arians.

For Brown, it is another scandal in a long list of questionable performances on and next to the square. The Bus have not responded to Brown's statement yet.

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