UNDEMBER reaches 3 million pre

Sometimes a game presents itself and arouses massive interest. The next Line Game Action RPG, UN December, seems to be one of these games. In a press release today, Line Games announces that a December has reached 3 million pre-registered players. The trailer of the games and the online showcase that were created earlier this month seems to have aroused the interest of the players.

December is an action RPG based on the hack and slash combat. In addition to well-made cinematic, the game also contains features that can please massive and expected players on its website. For example, DECEMBER offers a unique zodiac-based skill tree system. Players can adjust their builds by selecting ever more branched lines of skills in the zodiac road they have chosen.

In addition, UNDECEIVE claims to have an infinite number of rune combinations and link runes. In detail, the website describes the runes as awarding skills and improving these skills. An infinite number of combinations awaits players because they will learn what skills work best with which links and how they can handle the runes according to their style of play.

In a world where the gods have been recalled from the void, but with them a great evil, players endorses the role of hero seeking to save the world.

10 Upcoming Kickstarter/Crowdfunding Board Games To Know in 2022 | Part 1!! Currently, UNLIMBER should start Korean service on January 13th. The rest of the world will receive the exit at another time in 2022. Players can be pre-registered on the official website or on the Steam page of the game. Futures updates are available on YouTube.