The Xbox Game Pass has added 'Star Dew Valley'

The 'healing game' Star Valley enters the game path where you can enjoy a variety of games.

Microsoft introduced a title to join the December Game Pass through the Xbox official website last day. 2 days Anvil (ANVIL) and Final Fantasy 13-2, Warhammer 40,000: Battle sector, etc. As a battle sector, Halo Infinite, Ala: Fire Team Elite, and Monuments. However, among these, the game that collects the attention of poisonous gamers was a Star Death Valley.

It is characterized by a native living element that the star is a relatively common genre of Eric Baron, and a relatively common genre of Eric Baron, and a thousand life elements that they live in one of the numerous villagers in the game. According to the unrecorded to indigenous, the choice of numerous branches, which was divided into numerous branches, the result of the result of the result of the world was expressly expressed in the unique advantage of the Star Dew Valley.

Stardew Valley - Game Pass Announcement Trailer

Meanwhile, the Xbox Games Pass has been compatible with a variety of expectations such as Halo Infinite, including Forest Horizon 5, released in November. The Star Death Valley, which has been added to December 2, is also expected to have a lot of users who look at the positively, and it is expected to help raise the value of the game path in the long run.