The developers of Psychonauts 2 discuss their future and publish a healthy poem

Psychopath 2 is an action-adventure video clip game established by the Double Fine Studio Productions as well as edited by Xbox Game Studios. The game is formalized throughout the Game Honors 2015 and came out on August 25, 2021, on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and also Xbox Series. This is the continuation of Psychopath.

It was an incredible year for double fine. By publishing their sequence of years of development to a classic title worship, they probably expected a warm welcome, though modest, of their game. They had heat, but Psychopath 2 was anything but small. In a rather healthy gesture, they published an end-of-year blog article chatting some things with the game, including how much the exit meant for them and their studio. But in the end, the scope of the job increases, speaking of what the future reserves double fine as a studio.

The studio already divides into several teams and starts different projects that, we think, you will please. The position says. We love the experiment here in Double Fine. Each game is a chance to explore new ideas, new visual styles or gameplay, emotions and more.

These are all early development tips, so we do not have much information about what their new businesses will look like exactly. But it seems like they will be in the plural!

Like the last sentimental movement, a small comfortable holiday poem crowns the double thin message. Accompanied by a cute and childish design of the main character of Psychopath in a traditional ugly Christmas sweater, the poem manages to transmit exactly the same healthy atmosphere. You can read it all below, it's a wonderful piece — especially if you know the operation of Psychopath.

Chad and comfortable

A little rough

The elbows are a

EU uneven

A little frayed

A little worn out

On place is

Un little torn

But the goal is

Pas perfection

Psychonauts 2 | E3 Coliseum 2019 Panel Furthermore,

After reflection :

The people too have


It's what makes them

Creatures unique

Par the coldest

Temp winter

It's the friends we did.

That we hold hot

And yes, this that is integrated into the poem. Nothing like a small quaintness of writing to really get the message through, huh?