Solar Ash: How to find all caches for broken capital Noah Nelson

Sun ash's Broken Capital is a sprawling metropolis in the clouds, to Void runner caches easily hide in. In much verticality, it can be more than difficult to find all the hidden caches. To find readily all five Broken Capital caches in solar Ash.

Solar Ash is a 3D action-adventure platformer that is as beautiful as making fun. Heart machine's second game, after their successful Hyper Light Drifter, is another slam dunk. While enjoying the breathtaking world of solar Ash, you should definitely contact our solar Ash instructions, to get help in collecting all the caches in each level and by defeating bosses. If you collect all five caches, you get a color. If you seek help in collecting plasma, this is definitely the right suit.

Tree Cache

The first cache in Broken Capital appears before the actual skyscraper ruins. In the wooded section, which leads to the actual Broken capital, located to the right of the entrance is a tree with a Void runner seal it. Each cache in the game is marked with a Void runner seal, so it is important to look for it. Once you've found the tree, just follow the clouds under that section of the map and find the cache on a forest.

Cache Statue

As you work your way up the forest section of Broken Capital, you will unlock railway towers that serve as safety nets, if you fall. Once you have caught the second railway tower, you will see the window Void runner seal. Hop out the window at the hands of the statue. Climb on his head and you find the cache.

Fountain cache

On your way through the fountain area in which Lyrics is, take a rail in the main section of Broken Capital. Lift to take off the rail back up, but once you see a gripping point, swing forward toward the black mud on the wall. If you have climbed that a portion of the wall can look you in the fountain area of ​​the missing. This section is your cache.

train rails cache

The next cache starts right from the beginning of the section Broken Capital. You see a group of Stinger opponents and left them there is a bus stop and a rail that climbs up to the building. Take the track, but make sure you jump on the black mud, before you go on the trains. Once you have climbed the black mud, jump back to the rail on the other side of the trains. This leads to a building right of the entrance. After you have killed two enemies, you will find the cache at the top of this building.

roof Cache

The hardest to get, but to see the easiest, the cache on the roof. You have to climb one of the central building first. Once you are in the central building, is flat and has an anomaly, look over the edge to a track to find that to another building with tons of enemies to lead. Be careful to destroy all enemies. Once this is done, climb to the point where you can see a trace of gripping points. The path leads you to the last building where you get the final cache.

Now you have successfully conquered all caches of Broken Capital in solar Ash. Once all caches have been collected, you will be rewarded with Servings suit. It's called Aegis Wellspring and doubles your plasma receiver. The replacement of shields is with this suit easy.

Sun ash is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.