Nexon will also develop his game Warhammer Age of Sigmar

This is a checklist of remarkable computer game business that have actually made ready either computers (like computer or Mac), video game consoles, handheld or mobile devices, and also consists of companies that presently exist as well as now-defunct firms. See the listing of computer game for other checklists connecting to computer game, as well as inoperative video game firms for a more particular list of firms that no longer exist. Several of the developers publish their very own video games.

Successor of the Warhammer born in the 1980s since its introduction in 2015, Warhammer Age of Sigma multiplies video game adaptations. There are already three of available (Warhammer Age of Sigma: Champions, Warhammer Age of Sigma: Storm Ground, Warhammer Age of Sigma: Tempest fall) as well as the Free-to-Play Warhammer Age of Sigma: Soul Arena who will be available in the spring next. Added to this is the strategy game still without name in preparation at Frontier and now a multiplayer RPG announced by Nixon.

It has no name but the Warhammer Age of Sigma from Nixon presents itself as a JCE multiplayer RPG that will be available worldwide on PC, consoles and mobile. Based on his service-service experience, Nixon plans to power and maintain the game for a long time after his exit and will put in place many social features. Constructed on the legacy of Age of Sigma, this new virtual world will present an interactive world between the player and the environment, supported by NIXON's live operations, in order to make fun with new content and services., summarizes the press release. The game will be located in 14 languages, including French.

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It's a war era. The mortal kingdoms have been splinted. Ravaged by the followers of the gods of chaos, they are at the edge of destruction. The players will command the war armies of the God-King Sigma and his allies in Their fight to revive hope and bring order back into the kingdoms. Every season, players will collect characters and enter new kingdoms. Each character has options, stories and a unique gameplay. Players may customize their characters and work in cooperation to guide the reconquest of the kingdoms, can we read.

The simple fact that Nixon announces this title on Consoles is a small event since this online game publisher historically attached to the PC and the mobile has for the moment announced only Kart rider Drift on PlayStation and Xbox. As many other Asian video game players, Nixon now nourishes global ambitions that need to be interested in consoles. We would for example be surprised that a game like DNF duel does not sort on PlayStation and Xbox. Nixon also acquired Embark Studios, whose ambitious productions certainly have vocation to be multiplatform. Starting with Arc Raiders that can be discovered more fully at the Game Awards ceremony.