New Warhammer Warhammer is coming - from Nexon!

Source is a 3D game engine created by Valve. It debuted as the follower to Golds with Half-Life: Source in June 2004, followed by Counter-Strike: Source and Half-Life 2 later that year. Source does not have a succinct variation numbering system; instead, it is made in constant step-by-step updates. The engine started to be eliminated by the late 2010s with Source 2 prospering it.

Breaking news.

Nixon signed a contract with Games Workshop, whose fruit will be a new game based on March Warhammer: Age of Sigma.

We are waiting impatiently for the extension of this heritage that will take the creative excellence of Warhammer to the virtual world on PC, consoles and mobile platforms.

As one of the largest game publishers in the world, Nixon is an ideal long-term strategic partner that will revive Warhammer Age of Sigma in a new, unique way that will appeal to players from around the world

The point is that Warhammer: Age of Sigma is an original figure battle game (then also the RTS also came), and Nixon will take this world to the network game. Their Age of Sigma is to be a multiplayer mass EVE Multiplayer RPG, or Warhammer or Semi-Warhammer.

The game will be released simultaneously for the whole world. On PC, consoles and mobile devices.

We do not have any materials unfortunately ( Production takes ) or even the approximate date of the premiere.

Confirmation here.

An open letter to Games Workshop

Nixon himself does not need to be presented. They deliver such hickory as: Maple Story, Dungeon Fighter Online, Dragon Nest, Making, Vindicates, etc.