Light Care, New Year's Rise of Stars `Games Token Disclosure

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] The Weed Max (Joint Representative Gang Hymn Book, Lee Gil-hyung) has released the information of the NFT (alternative to the NFT) to be applied to the mobile game 'Rise of Stars' which is being developed by the subsidiary Light Condition.

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The new game token name to be applied to Rise of Stars is 'Salmon'. The sealing can be exchanged with 'Tuple particles', a key resource in the game.

The user can obtain the ellipse particles with various routes, such as mining and base production. Especially, it is a company side explanation that a fierce trailer is expected to occupy the Email particles, such as plundering other users.

In addition, the carrier issued to NFT in Rise of Stars has a unique feature for each carrier, and users can experience a wide variety of strategic configuration and management fun.

Meanwhile, Rise of Stars will start global services through the Elena platform next year.