Interactive Bohemia promotes its electric motor

No question for Interactive Bohemia to adopt the Unreal Engine or another popular engine. For years, the day studio, Area and Vigor is proud to dedicate about thirty people to the development of his home technology, baptized.

Empowerment is the common technology on which all the next studio projects will be designed. The engine is designed for its ease of use, its elaborate management of mods and especially its opening to multiplatform development on PlayStation, XBOX and PC. This does not mean that all Bohemia Interactive games will necessarily be available on all these platforms, but the portages will be greatly simplified.

VBS4 Prototype @ I/ITSEC 2019 - 4K Trailer Our Aging Real Virtuality engine, used in AREA 3, for example, is increasingly encountering its technological limits. Infusion, on the other hand, is ready to meet the technological challenges of the future and, without exaggeration, it will shape our Games for the next decade, points out Marek Panel, founder and CEO of Bohemia Interactive.

Considered as a priority internally, the Bury Engine should be completed soon, at the same time as a user documentation and a gameplay demonstration illustrating the strengths of the engine. Here are some pretty images in the meantime, as well as the answers to all kinds of questions on the site of this engine, that Bohemia Interactive does not plan for the moment to open to the other studios.