Impact of Genshin: Onikabuto locations and what are they used for

Together with the new characters, new ascension materials come to collect and help them reach the maximum level. Version 2.3 has just launched the banner for Arawak INTO and Good, so if you are looking for some important new elements, we can help you. Here are the Onikabuto locations in Genshin Impact.

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This great purple beetle can only be found in trauma. Specifically, it is found in four of the six main areas of Trauma: Narukami Island, Kannada, Fashion Island and Islam Sarah.

It is possible that you have noticed that this beetle climbed and went down the trunks of the trees when inhuman was added for the first time to the game in update 2.0. Well, now it has a use beyond occupying space in your inventory.

These are the places where you must look for to find Onikabuto within each of the areas. See these images of GenshinimpactMap for specific places:

There are several beetles on Narukami Island in the areas surrounding the Grand Narukami Sanctuary, the city of Trauma and the China Forest.

In Kannada and Fashion Island, there are beetles throughout trauma and snake head. There are also some near Muslin Gorge and Fort Fujitsu.

And finally, there are only a handful of Onikabuto on Islam Sarah, west of Alamo Peak, where the manifestation of thunder resides.

What is ONIKABUTO used for?

These purple beetles are used as one of the materials in Arawak Into's Rise along with Slime Drops, Parthia Stones and the new Rift born Regalia booty that comes from Golden Wolf lord.

Into needs a total of 168 Onikabuto to complete its promotion, so it is expected that you have collected at least some from the beginning of the inhuman expansion.

That's all you need to know Onikabuto locations in Genshin Impact and what are used for ? Make sure you check our Game Wiki guide to get more tips, tricks and useful information.

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