Hitman 3 will celebrate Christmas with more special content for the coming weeks

Hitman 3 It does nothing but reap good news. We were able to play the title of interactive at the beginning of the year, and only in a week he managed to be profitable for the company, which now publishes the games independently and the third installment has allowed him to reach the year with more benefits of his story. But there is still more ahead, and from the studio they have made it clear.

Hitman 3 - Winter Roadmap (Holiday Special) | PS5, PS4, PS VR

The team has shared a new video that details its winter roadmap, which occupies from November 30 to January 19 and incorporates more content that will be progressively adding to the title. But there are also specific plans to celebrate Christmas holidays, with the Holiday Hoarders event returning from now on.

It is a very dear event by fans where agent 47 will have to prevent Harry and Mary thieves to ruin Christmas. It is a clear reference to the events that occurred in the movie only at home, and it is a permanent addition for all the owners of the game, which will be able to try free Users of the free access Starter Pack.

Much of the additions will be permanent Likewise, players can unlock a Santa 47 outfit, but the thing is not left there. Different contracts of Urban Holiday Special will start on day 21 and, as part of the event, we can have the opportunity to eliminate several key objectives of the last season of Hitman 3 in December.

The third addition is the Hokkaido Snow Festival, which will also be permanent and will invite us to participate in fun activities that include shed snowballs or unlock thematic objects. Finally, Winter Madness contracts will be available since January 13, and it is some missions selected by the community of Speed run FROTE7.

Hitman 3 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch, in addition to Google Stadia. For a new delivery we will have to wait, since IO Interactive is developing a new game of 007, but it also has some other more surprise, as another video game that we still do not know the details

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