Hearthstone: Patch 22.0

Patch 22.0 by Hearthstone is The next big update of Blizzard's collecting card game before the extension appears split in the antenatal. The developers have described in the official blog post, as the special honor system is running between Horde and Alliance and implements four new mercenaries and four headlands for mercenary mode. Battlefield players will be pleased that Diablo flown from the Hjeldenpool is. His place takes a new hero.

Table of contents

  1. 1horde vs alliance, so work in honor points
  2. 2Vier new mercenaries and new headlands
  3. 3NEUE arena rotation
  4. 4 updates for duel mode and troubleshooting

Horde vs alliance, so work in honor points

As soon as the new set split in the antenatal is available, the battle starts the antenatal! From 7 December to 11th January, all players fight for honor to get free rewards and secure their faction victory. You will receive honor by playing and wins games during this time:

10 Honor for each game played Another 10 honor for each gained lot (a total of 20) Another 20 honor for each gained lot against an opponent of the opposing faction (a total of 40)

Honor can be earned in the traditional modes, in the arena and duel mode. If your honor deserves, you get up in the ranks of your group and fight you about the frozen battlefield — until you capture a golden copy of the opposing leader at some point! At the end of the event, the entire honor will be added and the efforts of the victorious faction will be added.

Four new mercenaries and new headlands

New mercenaries

With Valeria Sanguinary, Sky Admiral Rogers, RIGOR The whip and Vanessa van Clef are implemented four new mercenaries for mercenary mode. Which skills UDP values ​​have these, you can look at Blizzard's official blog post to Hearthstones Patch 22.0.

New headlands

In Schwarzfels you can face new challenges.

Fire rule Vaelastrasz Chromates Nevadian

The new mercenary cards, portraits and coins are added to all existing object selection groups of mercenary mode. At the beginning of the free reward path of Gold columns in the Antenatal also receive all players Vanessa van Clef. Your portraits can be earned with the Gasthauspass. Every new mercenary will be similar to the existing mercenaries about his own task series.

Update for battlefield — Diablo is defeated

NEW HERO SCABBS + COSMETIC BOARDS (Patch 22.0) | Hearthstone Battlegrounds Update

You all put the raid boss and survives! The special Diablo event is now over and Bobs Gâteaus is still — and prepares for the next new fighters. Diablo was removed from the hero selection for the battlefield mode.

NEW Battlefield Hero Schnapps's Butterier

Hearthstone: Patch 22.0 — Diablo out, 4 new mercenaries and headlands (2) Source: Blizzard

Snipes Butterier

Spy [Costs: 2] Discovers a simple copy of a servant from the troupe of your next opponent.

Battlefield finally gets real game boards

Hearthstone: Patch 22.0 — Diablo out, 4 new mercenaries and headlands (3) Source: Blizzard Bob wants to show you something new. Namely, the battlefield game boards, a brand-new cosmetic option for the battlefield mode of Hearthstone ! On these special game boards, you can discharge your fighting phases in battlefield mode. The battlefield game boards have new graphics with which you can specify something in front of your opponents. But since battlefield play boards are shared between you and your opponent, you will not see your game board in each round.

For the gameplay, the lower right areas of all battlefield play boards are simplified if you play on mobile devices.

New Arena rotation

With the publication of Gold columns in the antenatal ends the double class arena and the pool of the arena sets will rotate. These sets will be available in the arena:

Heart columns in the antenatal Better from Album Kobold & catacombs Die researcherLiga Academic schoolmate Dr. Bump's secret labor Core set

Updates for duel mode and troubleshooting

In addition to the new arena rotation, from 7 December, the card pool is expanded in duel mode for cards from Golds in the Antenatal and GOBLIN against GNOME. New selection groups are added to cover the cards from these card sets. There are a number of new treasures and general bug fixes that you can watch in the official blog post from Blizzard to Hearthstones Patch 22.0.

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