Hearthstone: For this card you have to up to 720

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In hearthstone is a new GOING started. You have to play very, very much — up to 720 defeats you need for a map.

Although the enlargement cleaved in the altercal can be maintained for a few days, you can already begin to do the long — and extremely extensive — quest series. That's also advisable, because in the worst case, you're whopping 720 defeats collect to get all rewards.

What happened? Actually, the quest series around split in the antenatal should only start with the launch of the extension on December 7th. But the latest hotfix has already activated the quest series so that all players can already work to earn the necessary honor.

How do you earn honor? Honor you will receive in different modes after you have decided for the Horde or Alliance. This request comes automatically when starting the game and will decide if your Vandal (Alliance) or Drew'Thar (Horde) selects as a map.

Then you will receive honor in these game modes for each completed game:

Traditional Hearthstone Arena Duels

How much honor is there? This depends on how well you suggest in the games and against which enemies you exist. Basically:

Every game gives 10 honor — even with a defeat

A victory gives an additional 10 honor (a total of 20) A win against an enemy of the other faction gives an additional 20 honor (a total of 40)

In the best case, you will get one per match 40 honor if you win against a player of the enemy faction.

How much honor is necessary? That basically assumes which rewards want to earn her. Who wants to dust all rewards, but must collect the proud amount of 7,200 honor.

In the worst case, that means that you're whopping 720 games must lose to unlock the final card of the quest series. In the best case, you would have to win only 180 games if you do without exception any time against a player who chose the other faction.

HEARTHSTONE vs ARTIFACT, but explained with food

Since it is probably extremely unlikely to win 180 games, which are also played against the enemy faction every time or to lose 720 games in a bit, the result will ultimately be somewhere in the middle.

Which rewards are there? Overall, there are 13 golden cards (via playhearthstone.com), which can be earned over the honor quest series. The first card is already after 40 honor, but the amount is rising quickly. The highlight, however, is the final cards for which a total of 7,200 honor must be collected. Allianz player get a golden Drew'their, Horde trailer the Golden Vandal Storm Lance. So each the card you spurned at the start of the event.

However, the quest series remains until the end of the enlargement, i.e. for almost four months. Basically, it is thus a second reward path, where players can earn even more cards than already in the usual reward path, which there are every extension.

However, one should not underestimate the grind for this task. If you want to distribute the task load over the entire approximately 120 days of the extension, you have to complete between 1.5 and 6 matches per day. A lot for a game that is often played only incidentally.

Will you grind so much honor? Or is this quest series a number too rigid to really want to tackle them?