Free education and recruitment to Classification, Com2us QA campus

Com2us (Representative Song Jae-won, Lee, Yi), represents the Com2us QA Campus, which provides QUA (QUALITY Assurance) practical experience and educational programs.

Educational Studies 2022 Student Recruitment Session 'Com2us QA Campus is a training and recruitment program for the first time in Com2us, and participants studied basic knowledge of the International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB), which is a QA-related certificate, You can create your own portfolio.

Com2us will recruit the QA campus 1, through Com2us recruitment sites, and will provide the opportunity for a variety of free education to the final success.

Anyone who is interested in the game QA duties without qualifications, can participate, and the end of the completion of the document is subject to the compatibility of the document.

For successful people, the lectures of the Large Game QA Team Leader, provide the opportunity to take a leading educational program, and the lecture will be held on January 22 (Sat) to March 15 (Tuesday). It will proceed online at 15:00 on Saturday.

Also, COM2US provides all participants who have completed the QA campus process, and provide opportunities for adoption links to participants who have achieved Com2us name and excellent performance during education.

Meanwhile, this 'Com2us QA campus' is aimed at recruitment of the Com2us QA Campus, which can be more detailed in the Com2us employment site, and can also be found in Backtalk (ID @ Com2us).