Cyberpunk 2077 After a year: What improvements are there?

Cyberpunk 2077 had a more than controversy launch. This was the one in the state of the game to release, but on the other hand at the unfulfilled expectations of the fans. Is cyberpunk a year later on course?

If the sentence Hype is real ever existed, then at Cyberpunk 2077. It already needed several shifts, so that the fans of marketing were slowly tired and that, although CD project red in the area has been plotted and not spotted. The release on 10 . December 2020 was then a great disappointment for many. An unfinished game, questionable statements on performance on load gene consoles, the problems during exchange and consequence the distance from the PlayStation Store. In short: nobody was satisfied.

Exactly a year later we look at where cyberpunk is just where it goes and if there are things that may not be easily patched.

99 Little bugs in the code...

Okay, it was more than 99, and they were not small. Cyberpunk was a real bow firm for release. Wild Animation Error (T-Pose), Colliding and Exploding Vehicles on the streets, in the air floating objects and the weasel finks Cops from Night City are just a few examples. There were also various game breaking bugs that turned out to continue playing.

After a year, cyberpunk is a good deal in the place, if not done for a long time. The same applies to the performance. On the PC Cyberpunk already ran relatively well to the release. This was not a feat compared to the basic versions of PS4 and Xbox One, but there was the game as well as unplayable. This has changed now, even if it is still not recommended for the mentioned consoles. On the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X it looks much better, but on the next-gene consoles, however, the same version is in a little better, because the versions for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S has CPR in the year 2022 postponed.


Cyberpunk 2077: Developers involuntarily present the best bugs

Daniel Hartmann

LCS and extension

Speaking of shifts: In the course of the year 2021, the already very vague roadmap has changed greatly. Technically, CPR has delivered the Free LCS this year as announced. These passed two jackets, a car and an alternative look for Johnny Silver hand. These are more likely to add extra content. Things like a New Game + or new quests come only in 2022. The same applies to the first paid extensions, where many are hoping a similar format as the The-Witcher 3 add-ons. But that too comes next year, from the ominous multiplayer mode we do not want to start.

One thing is clear in this contemplation: CDP pr had to invest the past year most of the time in bug fixes and performance improvements and hardly had time to work on anything new. It also waits this year's work to bring the game to a level that it should have been at least warned about the release. The expectations should not be so high first. In addition, CPR has to recover the lost trust. Maybe even the stock price follows.

What is the actual game?

The controversy of bugs and performance came in my opinion the content dealings with cyberpunk 2077 too short. One year ago I sat like many at night before the PC and wanted to start directly. I am neither a graphic fetishist nor I bite directly into the keyboard, if an animation does not make what it should. But even for me, the many problems have clouded the gaming experience, which was a reason for me more to return to Night City once again after a year.

This return has confirmed several things for me. Cyberpunk is a good game in the core and has just in the side quests around River, Panama and Judy a few really captivating stories and characters. Most both bothers me my own character. The life paths still feel Hollow and VS development as a figure does not even take place externally.

Cyberpunk 2077: 1 YEAR LATER Cyberpunk 2077 offers several outputs for the story:


Cyberpunk 2077: All ends and the secret end — activation conditions

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The ways of life should be the basis for the character. Unfortunately, all three ways are dealt with in no time. The phase in which V is becoming a mercenary or a mercenary of his or its origin as a nomad, corps or street kid and the relationship with Jackie could be depicted, is then wasted in a time-lapse. In the end, there will be a few different dialog options from the life route. There would be more in there.

I can not even give something identity through a look. Once created, there is no way to change the character and in a world in which external modifications play such a big role. I wanted to make my Corpo-Drecksau-V to a stylish mercenary with Katina, who optically kept its group-style style, but now helps people instead of using them. Although I can most of the good v by Night City stripes, but look like a walking old clothes collection with kitchen knives, because this equipment is the best I have right now.

Of course, I could collect resources or eddies and make cool things and buy, but it takes a bit. I have a bio-chip in the head, which reissues my brain, should mean, my character does not have forever time and the Open World Kills the told time already enough. Cyberpunk is still a role-playing game, right?

2021 was even more going on as a bug fixes at Cyberpunk. What we enthusiast about is here:

Cyberpunk 2077 is slowly in a state that shows which game is behind all the bug and disappointed expectations. There we find great stories, giving away potential and the realization that there is still a lot of work needed, but the way seems to be correct.