Cheap graphics cards: Nvidia's new GPU

Nvidia Corporation is an American firm focusing on the layout of visuals processors, graphics cards and visuals chips for Computers and video game gaming consoles (Xbox, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch Over). Its head office remains in Santa Clara, The Golden State. Nvidia is a FABLES company, that is, it creates its fleas in its study facilities, however that it under-trading their production to other semiconductor business. The company mainly develops graphic circuits from the design for Netbook (NVIDIA ION) to powerful models for Players (GeForce), also the specialist globe (Nvidia Squadron and others). Its primary rivals are AMD (formerly ATI), Intel and Qualcomm.

For just over a week Nvidia Haulage the RTX 2060 officially available — but is that really? A look at the current inventory of online stores shows the terrifying result.

Update of 15 December 2021:

So What about the new RTX 2060? Could finally bring the graphics card market back into sensible tracks? Not even close! The new graphics card model from Nvidia was officially published on 07 December 2021 but a look at the graphics card overview of curmudgeon, shows that the new edition of the elderly middle-class model is just nowhere to be found (source: generals.DE). It almost seems as if 2060 does not exist, the new RTX, because even on the official website is not to be found. But Nvidia has an explanation:

We will listen RTX 2060 12 GB, as soon as we have enough stock for sale on the website. Thus, we avoid the situation that we accept pre-orders, but can not confirm the customer when they will receive their order.

(Source: Games)

And what is it with models off the house Founders Edition of? These are also apparently until late December or early January to be available in sufficient quantities when Nvidia gives credence (Source: Gamer).

Why Nvidia has however not then decided to postpone the release of the new RTX 2060 again remains unclear. Currently, the graphics card can be found in any case nowhere — a ghost product. Whether the RTX 2060 12 GB can provide some movement in the graphics card market again remains so still to be seen.

Update of 02 December 2021: So now it's official. On his American website Nvidia has quietly adjusted the specifications of the RTX 2060 and also reveal the release date of the new old graphics card. The new version of the middle-class GPU to go already on 07 December at the start — so in a few days (Source: Nvidia / US only via VPN callable).

But which also Nvidia is continuing vibrant here is the targeted MSRP of the graphics card. Compared to The Verge but revealed the manufacturer that it is a premium version of the RTX 2060 is the new model around and Nvidia expect (Source: The Verge) reflects that the price so.

A concrete specification is however anyway little value at the current time. We certainly hope that the price of the new RTX 2060 remains as low as possible and thus allows the general price level of graphics cards fall — the past but has already shown how it will likely be really run: The card is bought by Scalpers within a very short time and then offered at inflated prices on eBay and Co.

Due to the high demand and low supply, the reputable dealer will then raise prices. Yet we keep our fingers crossed that just does not happen.


Old graphics card in new bottles: Nvidia should cooperate for improved RTX 2060

The rumor already holds for months: According to various sources, Nvidia is working internally for a long time to a new edition of the RTX 2060. The mid-range graphics card Turing era appeared in nearly 3 years, cost to launch 370 euro and was for many players an affordable option in the world of ray tracing GPUs.

Two Budget Graphics Cards you *can actually buy in 2021

Meanwhile, lot has happened in the market, especially in prices. With hardware-crisis cost the successor to the RTX 2060 RTX 3060, aktuellgut and happy times 800 euros. Absolute usury, considering that the leap in performance between the two cards is quite noticeable, but not begin to justify such a price increase.

According to some reports, seems however to want to draw another ace up their sleeve in less than two weeks Nvidia, which could bring some momentum in the graphics card market again: a revival of RTX 2060. The new version of the old graphics card will, unlike the original, this time be equipped with 12 instead of 6 GB VRAM.

And the power consumption will be higher than that of previous models. Instead of 160 watts Nvidia seems to aim for a consumption of 184 watts. Thus, the new model would be even power-hungry than the SUPER variant of the RTX 2060, which is but positive impact on the performance could. In addition, the card will offer 2,176 CUBA cores — the same number, the 2060 SUPER were used in the RTX (Source: videocam).

In other words, the new RTX 2060 with 12 GB VRAM may well the same performance level of the RTX 2060 SUPER achieve, which is only 10 percent behind the RTX 3060th

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