Bohemia Interactive Announces All Support End of All Support for ARMA 3-Based Fight Shooter-Download and Gameplay

ARMA 4 Engine ANNOUNCEMENT! — Enfusion Engine Bohemia Interactive announced that all services and support have been completed for the match military shooter ARGO.

This work is a free match FPS based on the millimeter simulator AREA 3 and started service in 2017. Based on the Project Argo announced in the Prototype Publishing Plan Bohemia Incubator by the company, it was a work released for various improvements. Download and play games can not be downloaded and played by the end of support.

Explained that the studio development resources are insufficient for this support end. Therefore, it seems that we will abort the support of this work to other studios. In addition, this work closed the official server to focus on other projects in 2018, and has ended the login support for Bohemia Interactive account in 2019.