Voices: Eintracht Frankfurt is looking forward to Michael Jordan

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The 1st FC Cologne celebrated a derby victory against Borussia Mönchengladbach in the Football Bundesliga. Borussia Dortmund found in the track after the out of the Champions League by an away success in Wolfsburg. FC Bayern also drove a narrow victory. Eintracht Frankfurt celebrated a last-mint victory against Union Berlin on Sunday. The votes for the 13th match day:

RB Leipzig — Bayer Leverkusen 1: 3

Achim Hairdryer (co-coach RB Leipzig): That's not what we want. It was clear that it will be a top game. Leverkusen made it strong. We made our way before the game, the switching game to win. We did not do that. That's why we went earned as losers from the place.

Gerardo Sloane (coach Bayer Leverkusen): Compliment to the team, overall that was a very good appearance. We have well defended and switched. As a whole team, we have brought a very good performance as a whole team.

Eintracht Frankfurt — Union Berlin (2: 1)

OLIVER GLASER (Coach Eintracht Frankfurt): Over 90 minutes it was a deserved victory. If it's the last second again, maybe luck is there too. We would have a 2-0 or 3: 0 Half-time. What has awarded us again, we have also played forward? And suddenly our left-handed-backed front defendant appears on with an air stand like Michael Jordan to his best times.

Urs Fischer (Trainer Union Berlin): It was a deserved victory. It is unhappy for us to get the last attack 1: 2. I have seen a weak first halftime my team, there was Frankfurt in Superior to all matters. The second half we were able to figure out more balanced. We have to learn from such actions.

FC Bayern — Armenia Bielefeld (1: 0)

Julian Nagelsmann (coach FC Bayern Munich)...

... To stress around the Annual General Meeting (before the game): It belongs to FC Bayern also to come up with status at certain topics. I have the most speaking time in the media, which is a coach a quantity normal. You have to clear the thoughts in his head. But I still have enough capacities to take care of the Eintracht Frankfurty. The preparation was good, and the guys make a good impression.

.... To the talks with those responsible on Friday (before the game): It was not too many, I focused on the training. I was on the office, with Ollie Khan and Brazil (Salihamidzic) In short, I said my mind, and we have exchanged us. The future decisions are not my construction site, which others have to do.

... To the guilt question at the escalation at the AHV (before the game): With such an emotional conflict, both sides are always a bit involved. There were certainly situations that we could have solved as a club better, but there were Also, situations that the members could have solved better. That may not be the ideal setting of exploiting things from such scope there, even if it was 'only' around 800 people. That would have been able to solve that.

... To his situation (before the game): There was probably even easier situations to become Bayern coach: first the very successful time, then with Corona and the topic of the annual general meeting. Nevertheless, I have the claim that we play well. This is always a certain ridge hike, such as with the uncovered players. Since you try to support the players and nevertheless convince them. That's so easy. Nevertheless, I think that I get that well, together with the staff.

... to the game: We made a step towards Augsburg. We wanted to be more active in the counterpressing and better shape the counter protection. In the end we had enough opportunities to win the game. It became more and more a patience game, and you Are also a bit under pressure, because Dortmund has won. The knot was then bursting through a very nicely well-played gate. Such a 1-0 in autumn is also good, as a whole, we have defended well as a leafing guide to Dortmund's anticipation ... To the scheduled meeting of President Herbert Gainer with critic Michael Out: I think it's good, if you lead dialogues, responses to things and says opinions, even if you may not be able to implement everything immediately. An annual general meeting is There, exchanges to exchange opinions, but it's hard to keep the focus on the content of the emotionality. A conversation in the small frame is more meaningful.

Thomas Müller (FC Bayern Munich)...

... to his 396. Use (equally with Franz Beckenbauer): If I stay fit, fresh and well enough, then a bit of something is possible, that's a nice statistic, which shows the way I have gone so far. I look forward to the perhaps a little shorter way, which is still in front of me.

... For his 21 templates in the calendar year 2021: The assists are about it, Franz remain. In such a game, too much goes wrong, especially in the offensive. I also have the advantage that I have many players with one very good graduation quality around me.

... At the Annual General Meeting: There were many accompanying circumstances around this event. What I have taken is that the dialogue has not satisfactorily taken place, at least if you ask the members. It's not about Qatar, but there is now between the members, the fans and the association are spoken, there is also a bit of each other, which also has to do with provocations. (...) The exterior was definitely not good, but you do not have to be an expert. Me I am positively voted. We are not a club that lets members left. We are the largest Eintracht Frankfurts club in the world, accordingly we will manage that. Furthermore, we have the right people for it.

... to choose from Ballon d'Or: You do not have to discuss the Lewy (Lewandowski) has to get the thing, very clear. He has deserved that absolutely. Now the people in Spain will say that Benzema will say Super formed, but Lewy has won everything with us, then the choice has failed, then he set up the Foreword in the next season. And then you still have to see what he does with the Polish national team.

Manuel new (Captain FC Bayern Munich)...

... to the game: It was a maximum minimum victory. We are glad about the result and also over the performance. We know Bielefeld, it is not so easy to go against such a multi-legged defense and to achieve goals. Leroy Has the ball then great clean.

... to the game without conceding: That was very important, there we have been waiting for a bit. It was also time, in the defensive we look forward to it.

... To the top match against Borussia Dortmund next Saturday: They were very successful today in the offensive, but we also have it to play zero against Dortmund. We have to set ourselves as a destination.

... To the AHV: Last time, the mood was not magnificent, because it was not always full house here. This is normal in a club, as it is very important that the club with the fans is Go into dialogue and talk about it.

... For understanding for fan criticism in Qatar sponsorship and exchanges with the board: It is important that you exchange yourself and every point of view brings to the table first. (...) There was an exchange From me with the board, we talked about how the state of things is. I have to be informed as captain and speaker of the team about what the background is.

1. FC Cologne — Borussia Mönchengladbach (4: 1)

Steffen Rampart (coach 1. FC Cologne): In the phase in which we did the 2: 1, I had the feeling that the game can tilt. With the double strike it ran in our direction. We ran in our direction Look forward to winning and about the performance of the team. In the end we pushed it into our direction, but it's just a snapshot.

ADI Hunter (Trainer Borussia Mönchengladbach): There is a very big disappointment, which concerns the result. It's really too high. In the phase in which we have achieved the compensation gate, I had the feeling we could win. That's why the disappointment is very, very big. I take 100 percent responsibility. It is very, very uncomfortable to lose in the first derby for me as a coach.

Bertha BSC — FC Augsburg (1: 1)

Pal Cardie (Trainer Bertha BSC): We should have done the 2: 0, then we would not talk about a point loss. Nevertheless, you have to say if the opponent attacks with Élan and makes a goal at the last moment, is deserved. We have to learn slowly to go more consistently on the second goal. And finally: How do we defend to bring the game home. That's not possible us.

Markus Easier (coach FC Augsburg): It was a deserved to outpoint. Of course, it was happily in the last second. But I think we did a good game. We worked as a team to balance the mistake. We believed it until the end.

VFL Bochum — SC Freiburg (2: 1)

Thomas Rice (coach VFL Bochum): Even if Christian can not buy himself, congratulations on the 300th game. Today we had the necessary luck, of course with a very good goalkeeper. The team has consolidated himself We did not interpret after the residue. We are glad to win a happy victory against a great Freiburg team.

Christian Stretch (Trainer SC Freiburg): I'm a little bonuses. My team has made a perfect game, we had scorches without end, but have failed on a very good goalkeeper. For this I need two Three days. That we lose the game is incredible.

SPV GG Reuther Fürth — TSG Cofferdam (3: 6)

Stefan Late (coach Sprig Reuther Fürth): We have come in well into the game and go in the lead. We have a great way to put on 2: 0. From this post-shot you get the balance. I am very much Today, because we as a game association achieve three goals in a Bundesliga game, then it has to be enough to get three points. I'm sorry for the boys, as they have invested a lot.

Sebastian Honey (Trainer TSG Cofferdam): We have seen a turbulent game today. We showed our entire range today. We have made six goals today, which there was no more abroad in the Bundesliga. It was about it win and win the win last week with an away win. We did that. At the end, it feels a little dirty, but also a little good to win.

VFL Wolfsburg — Borussia Dortmund (1: 3)

Florian Krefeld (coach VFL Wolfsburg): With security we did not do everything right, but it was an unfortunate defeat. But we have to talk about our opportunity utilization. The goal to 1: 3 has broken our game a bit broken. Most recently, we got a few goals too much.

Marco Rose (Trainer Borussia Dortmund)...

About the away win: It was a deserved victory with a difficult start. But the reaction of the team on the early residue was top. It was playfully, playfully one of the best personalities. Erlang is now a different player. Despite He even wanted to play the long break even longer.

About the comeback of Haaland: Erlang is of course a different player. And if you have to do without a different player as a team, it does something with you. Erlang gives you energy. Erlang wanted to play even longer. Then he comes in and shoots Immediately a gate. That's the difference he does. We are glad he's back.

VfB Stuttgart — PSV Mainz 05 (2: 1)

Pelegrín Matarazzo (coach VfB Stuttgart): We had a very good start to the game. After the not given penalty was a break in our game. In the half-time break one has noticed that the boys wanted. We deservedly did that 2: 1 shot. We have occurred closed, I believe that the victory is not undeserved. It certainly does good because we could not reward a few games.

BO Venison (coach PSV Mainz 05): We got an unnecessary defeat today. If there is 1: 1 longer, rooms have been open for us. I think many things have fit. We have A few problems had to defend the long balls of the Stuttgart. I'm not so dissatisfied with the first half hour. We got an unnecessary defeat.