Valuaning was excluded from a game error, explained

Valorant is a shooting video clip game on the very first free multiplayer individual developed as well as published by Trouble Gaming. The game was announced for the very first time with the name in the Task A in October 2019. It was launched for Microsoft Windows on June 2, 2020, after its closed beta introduced on April 7, 2020.

Some Valorant players have encountered a problem in the middle of their match where they immediately come back to the main menu and must choose to join a new game. Players who have this problem have not received any messages explaining why it happened, and there does not seem to be a warning during play indicating that they played the game.

When this happens, players have the loading screen they receive when they move from the game screen to a game, as if they have concluded. Players can go back to the history of their games to see that the match does not count against them and everything that happened is not registered.

Abilities menu error

Some players in the Reddit Valorant community thinks that happens because of another wave of prohibitions, but Valorant in beta, players had a message on the screen indicating that someone in their match had cheated. However, these messages do not appear fairly regularly. Many players have had that, and it does not seem to be a problem with the beloved server, and there is no direct prohibition.

There is a handful of moving video accounts without error message or direct information on a cheating of a player. This happens, however, for the whole team. The players who were in a match with parties noticed that they all came back to the main screen, not just one player. If these problems are related to the Valorant servers, you can check them via the Valorant Page, or the twitter page to support riots.

These problems seem to happen to a handful of players, but not to everyone.