Valorant New Agent Chamber Publication date, skills and more

The Console is a house computer game console developed by KFC Gaming and Colder Master. After its first statement in June 2020, it was commonly believed to be a hoax, till its official disclose in December. The console flaunts different attributes, consisting of ray tracing, as much as 4K resolution, and also 240Hz result. The signature feature of the tool is an exclusive Chicken Chamber that can keep as well as warm up poultry.

The introduction of Valorant Episode 3 has completely shaken the popular competitive FPS game from Riot Games, with big changes that affect everything from weapons to agents. Episode 3, Act 1 also provided KAY / O in front of us, a suppressive, oppressive war machine that has taken a leading position in our list of Valorant agents.

Since KAY / O was hardly delivered from Killjoys laboratory Riot already began to tease the seventeenth agents of the game — Chamber. During the celebrations of the first anniversary publish Valorant Riot a music video entitled Year One Anthem. The anthem was everything that had last year to offer Valorant, although the fans during the retrospective pointed quickly to a brand-new face.

This face belongs, as it turns out, Chamber. Originally Dead eye called — the code name that was discovered early by data miners — Chamber described by Riot as well-dressed and well-armed French weapons designer who uses his custom Arsenal to hold the line on and off enemies. In the distance, with a contingency for each plan.

CHAMBER OUTPLAYS & TIPS on the *New* Agent | VALORANT So here s everything easily what you need to know about Chamber, including its release date and its capabilities.


When will appear in Chamber Valorant? The release date for the chamber has been set for Valorant patch 3.10 that the 16 . November. Patch notes can be found here.

While most were expecting Chamber at the beginning of Episode 3, Act 3 will be released on November 2, there has been a slight delay. In a recent article, character designer John, RiotMEMEMEME Goscicki says that this pushback has been made to the studio to give time for the finishing touches.


In edition of State of the Agents in September 2021 RiotMEMEMEMEME, revealed that the new Valorant Agent Chamber a Guardian.

The developer says that made thinking about different ways to approach to sentinel role, the basis for the design of Chamber.

Early on, our thought process revolved around the idea that someone who is hoarding and holding a location by he gets frags says RiotMEMEMEMEME. When we were working on Chamber, the development came from someone who can hold a place with a number of weapons.


In State of the Agents unveiled by September 2021 RiotMEMEMEMEME also that the new agent would have a kit that allows you to mechanical Outplays with an additional focus on gun play in the mix for an additional momentum. Here is a little look at Chamber in action.

Ready for the upcoming Sentinel-agents? Here is a little insight into what Chamber brings into the scene.

-VALORANT (@PlayVALORANT) 29 . October 2021

Here is the complete overview of Chambers skills.

(C) brand — Place a trap that looks for enemies. If a visible enemy comes within range, the trap counts down and then destabilized the surrounding terrain, thereby generating a lingering field players who are caught in it slows down. (Q) Headhunter — Enable to equip a heavy gun. ALT FIRE equipped with the gun to target downward. (E) Rendezvous — Place two Teleport anchors. On the ground and within reach of an anchor REACTIVATE to quickly teleport to another anchor. Anchors can be picked up to become NEW USED. (X) Tour de Force — Activate to summon a powerful, custom sniper rifle that kills an enemy with each direct hit. Killing an enemy produces a lingering field players who are caught in it, slowed.

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Chamber has finally gotten his own Revelations Trailer L Accord — and he s so polite and refined, as one can hope for the dashing Frenchman.

Chamber was teased for the first time during Valor ants celebration video for Year One Anthem. He appears at about 3:22, although we recommend reducing the speed quite to 0.25, so you will not miss it.

Valorant Lore master, Cy-près has also noted the game on a series of concept sketches of the seventeenth agents who appear in the video.

???? More images of possible new agent ????

These appear earlier in the video!


— Cy-près — VALORANT lore (cy-près) 21 . June 2021

Chamber was also spotted in the YouTube trailer of Valorant Brazil to the Valorant Champions Tour LATAM Last Chance qualifier. At 1:06 Chamber appears in one of the broken glass pieces — although this time looks like his design has been easily updated, as we can see a golden collar chain over his tie.

In addition, there are two more teasers in the shards next to the new Valorant agent. In the Scheme right next to him, we see his watch. Similarly, looking? That s because we have already seen the clock in the Manifest Elegance player card, which can be purchased via the Episode 3, Act 2 Battle Pass.

In the shard farthest from Chamber, there is something that looks like a patterned light strip that goes out of a fired shot, although it is quite difficult to see. If this is the case, maybe we have just gotten an insight into one of his skills.

Most recently, we were spoiled at the official Twitter page of Valorant with some cryptic gives. The first does not really offer us a lot, but the sheer opulence and the mixing machine of the pattern could be very good Riots away, indicating that Chamber is on the way.

-Valorant (@playValorant) 26 . October 2021

Meanwhile, the second teaser shows a bullet that looks almost melted — probably due to the sheer speed with which it moves. This seems to be a clearer representation of what we saw in this third glass splitter in the LATAM LCD trailer.

-Valorant (@playValorant) 27 . October 2021

Finally, a sun-like model of Chambers equipment was uploaded. From this we can clearly see the rifle of the new agent, next to his heavy pistol. We can also see the agent s business card, as well as something that looks like a player card on the right side.

-Valorant (@playValorant) 28 . October 2021

And that s all you need to know about the new Valorant agent chamber. We hope that in our list of Valorant agents takes a high rank, alone because of the sauce factor.