Unsembrane Tester 88% Launched City

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] Line Games (Representative Kim Mingy) revealed infographics (Infographics) video with unknown test (BT) results of new work (BT) results via game official YouTube channel.

[선공개] 지안-민규의 깜짝 박쥐 동굴 데이트♡

The BT was conducted from October 13th to 19th. Despite not a formal service, about 300,000 people participated in advance registration. In a survey for participants, 88.2% of users have answered that There is intention to play after the game game formal service, and 78.3% responded to recommended recommending the universe.

The published image contained detailed data such as the average reach of the user participating in the BT, the inorganic, skill, costume, and play preference. The level average was 31, and there was also a user who cleared the act 5 boss in 13 hours after the game.

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The unique growth system of Under ember, who utilizes the Rune combination, also led to attention. During the BT period, the number of times the number of 6 Link Enchants of the Skill Run was counted a total of 68,99,190.

The November developed by Liz Games (Representative Jobs) has a variety of multiplayer, such as a brilliant action play, Braid, Guild Battle, Glory s temple, which can enjoy the fun and mobile and PC multi platforms of the class. I plan to proceed with a formal service soon.