The infinite Halo Multiplayer is now available for download on Xbox and PC: A for him!

Petite Sores! Free and available for download with more than two weeks in advance: We can now play Halo Infinite! Specifically in the multiplayer mode, which is now available to download in the Xbox application, both in the family and PC consoles.

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How to Download Halo Infinite Multiplayer and Play Right NOW! His arrival had already been anticipated for a few days, but the Halo Infinite shirt used by Phil Spencer during the live anniversary of the 20 years of Xbox, ended up giving the final track, which has been confirmed to close the event.

Thus, all SPARTANS soldiers are called to download the 50 GB of a content that has gone through various beta phases.

An excellent surprise, although the campaign of the master chief has many adepts, this part of Halo Infinite is a real success, with all the ingredients that have made the success of the Halo series in Multi during all these years, but with A touch a little more modern. In a way, and when nobody was waiting for it, Halo Infinite is now available, only the campaign is missing, which will arrive on December 8 as planned.

Multiplayer: Weight and download

Weight: About 50 GB

Supports: PC and Xbox Download link