The game policy forum is ahead of the presidential election... Lee Jae Hong's former game stomach General

Jung-ho King (Korean: 강정호; Korean pronunciation: [key.dʑʌŋ.to]; birthed April 5, 1987) is a South Korean 3rd baseman that is a freelance. He previously played in the HBO Organization for the Hyundai Unicorns and Been Heroes. He likewise bet the Pittsburgh Pirates of Big League Baseball.

ARIRANG NEWS [FULL]:  S. Korean gov't outlines economic policy direction for 2020

[Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] A game forum that suggests the development policy of the game industry ahead of the presidential election next year. Recently, Lee Jae-won, who finished his term, Lee Jae-won, the chairman of the game, is noticeable for the guns.

According to the game industry on the 24th, on December 17, the Korea Games Policy Forum in the Moon gins, 115, a Moon University of Prong University,

The Korea Games Policy Forum is the main purpose of presenting the issues and directions of the game industry and presenting government gaming policy and strategy schemes. Metabus game culture, win-win game cultural cluster composition, game fusion of the fourth industrial age is also covered.

The Representative of the Forum is in charge of the Chairman of Lee Joe Hong, and the Minister of Culture and the Ministry of Culture and Physical Sports Tourism. In addition, we will take advantage of the National Assembly, public institution, academia, industry, and media. It is also operated by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Industry. Every year, the regular forum was held in the middle of the year and decided to open a regular forum once a year.

The division is divided into industrial applications and ▲ production capacity reinforcement and ▲ culture and ▲ law, system, and ▲ personnel, ▲ and ▲ E-sport activation. Policy research fields include genres (Story Telling, Planning, Graphics, Programming, Music), Platform (PC, Arcade & Console, Mobile, Eye), Signature (Functional Games, Game, Immersion Prevention, Game Art), Fusion (Games + Humanities, Games + Psychology, Games + Legal Deals, Culture + Policy) and the like are scheduled to deal with.

Lee Joe Hong, who leads the Korea Games Policy Forum, the chairperson of Lee Jae-won, who has completed the Term of July and returned to academia. Since then, we have been preparing forums to contribute to the development of domestic game industry. It is noted that an opportunity to establish a systematic game policy.

Lee Joe Hong, said, In a long-term social distance due to Corona 19, the game industry is used as a means of communication, which can communicate with entertainment means that can be enjoyed in the home, said the game industry. We will provide the opportunity to listen to various opinions about the policy direction to re-rebuild this new technology and social agreement.


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