Secrets of the MCU: Special to the most curved and most interesting fan

With Eternal just the 26th film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) running on the big screen. In this number, it is not surprising that all emerging questions can not be answered, and some details are not explained in detail.

But this is often not necessary, because the fans are creative enough to think yourself solutions and to theorize. Some interesting of them appeared both already and still outstanding films and series, we will tell you in this special.

Attention: This article contains spoilers !

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  3. 1.2Theorie 2: Tony Stark is not dead
  4. 1.3Theorie 3: Hidden underwater kingdom in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?
  5. 1.4Theorie 4: Stan Lee's identity in the movies
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  7. 2.1Theorie 5: Doctor Strange from Spider-Man: No Way Home is not Doctor Strange
  8. 2.2Theorie 6: M'Baku is king of Wakanda while Avengers: Endgame
  9. 2.3Theorie 7: Wanda Vision spoiler trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home
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  11. 3.1Theorie 8: The Skulls are actually evil
  12. 3.2Theorie 9: Red Skull will return as villain
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Theory 1: Spider-Man in Iron Man 2

Our first theory deals with the final act of Iron Man 2 2010 from the year Specifically, it's about the little boy with an Iron Man helmet on his head, the man in the attack of Hammer Drones to the Stark Expo Iron will be saved.

Fans theorized that this boy young Peter Parker aka Spider-Man is. And, although the appearance of the movie, no one knew Spider will become a part of the MCU. Sony, which hold the rights to Spider and Marvel had then not yet elaborated a corresponding deal. Secrets of the MCU: Special of the most bizarre and interessantesten Fan Theories (1) Source: Concorde This conjecture but can actually solidify with some hints. First, the Stark Expo is in fact held in New York City District Queens. There is also the famous residence of Peter Parker. Time it would also fit, as each MCU film takes place in a specified time to ensure the chronological accuracy of the timeline.

Iron Man 2, therefore, set in the year 2009, while the film The First Avenger: Civil War, which marks the first appearance of the red Babblers the MCU takes place in the year 2016th In these seven years, the boy from the scene could very well be grown into a young age Peter Parker.

Further evidence could be a statement from Peter's Spider-Man: his Homecoming, in which he says to Tony Stark: I just wanted to be like you. For the proponents of this theory, is proof that man has him 2 so dominated the event from Iron that he has since Tony considered his role model.

If this theory still does not should be credible enough for you, you have not reckoned with Spider-Man actor Tom Holland. This fact confirmed in an interview in 2017 that he knows this theory and found it so cool that he, passed on to the President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Face. Whose answer was that he would find the idea good and also was this boy from back then to Peter Parker.

If that's true, it's cool to see how the fans with the creation of this theory itself influence have made to the story of the films retroactively.

Theory 2: Tony Stark is not dead

The tragic death of Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame, in which he sacrifices himself to save the universe, is one of the most touching scenes in the Marvel movie universe. A future without the wisecracking Riemann is unimaginable for many fans. But maybe they do not have to give up their favorite heroes when the following theory credence in upcoming films. Secrets of the MCU: Special of the most bizarre and interessantesten Fan Theories (2) Source: Square Enix / Marvel It states namely that Tony died just physical. His mind, however, has been uploaded by a technology developed by him in a kind of cloud and lives as one of its own on AI version. That there is this system in the MCU, we have already seen in characters such as J.A.R.V.I.S or Patron. And in the comics there are already several AI versions of the brilliant tinkerer.

As proof of this theory, the fans call a scene at the end of Avengers: Endgame, in which the hologram of Tony turns to his daughter Morgan, as if he knew exactly where she stands. A skill that is not expected of stink normal holograms.

Nevertheless, a return tones into the MCU is quite unlikely because actor Robert Downey Jr. had announced his exit from the Marvel films after Endgame.

Theory 3: Hidden Underwater Empire in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?

The surprising death of Chadwick Boseman last year shook the Marvel world and left a deep gap in the ranks of the Avengers. Nevertheless, Black Panther is expected to: Wakanda Forever for current status 2022 the second part of the Black-Panther series. And that without King T'calla, who has significantly shaped the history of Wakanda.

As the producers compensate for the loss of the main figure and further count the history of the legendary kingdom, we will first experience when the film comes into the cinemas. But the fans already speculate about the plot of the strip, which will belong to the 4th phase of the MCU. Spectators of Avengers: Endgame have noticed the conversation between Natasha Roman off and Okay after the Snap of Thanos after the Snap from Thanos, which is about an earthquake on the African coast.

Marvel Cast Hilarious Bloopers and Gag Reel - Avengers Infinity War Special Enamor, the ruler of Atlantis, would not be a simple opponent for the Wakanda. Source: Marvel Okay sees this earthquake but as unimportant and gives him no attention to him. However, many suspect more than that of this reaction and thus conclude on the possible plot in Black Panther 2.

Above all, the comic connoisseurs believe that the Wakanda meet in the new film on the sunken Kingdom Atlantis and his ruler Enamor, which would find a new hero his way into the MCU. In the current Black-Panther comics you learn the connection between Wakanda and Atlantis.

Both rich lived chambered from the outside world and developed very high without any contact with the remaining civilization. King T'Calla, however, broke with this tradition, which finally led Thanos to his possession of the last infinity stone in Wakanda and suffered half of all living beings, including the inhabitants of Atlantis.

That should not have really liked the ruler of the underwater world. However, whether this earthquake was actually a sign of inconsistencies between Wakanda and Atlantis, only the release of the film will show.

Theory 4: Stan Lees identity in the films

Most fans of Marvel films may be known that the comic car and creator of many well-known Marvel heroes, Stan Lee, until his death in every Marvel movie to Avengers: Endgame had a small Cameo performance. What many only a funny detail is due to a running GAG, however, has significantly more meaning for others. Secrets of the MCU: Special to the most curved and most interesting fan theories (4) Source: Marvel because according to the theory Stan Lee should not play in the films, but a figure that is known again from the comics. This figure is called Batu and belongs to an ancient alien race. The members of this breed are also called Watcher, i.e. observers. You also get one of them in the new series What if...? To see.

Your task is to document the phenomena of life everywhere in the universe without intervening in the respective worlds. Batu is specifically responsible for the observation of the earth and should mix the theory in the way as an old man among people and observe the supernatural activities of the superheroes.

However, contradicting his appearance would be in Guardians of the Galaxy, since he is not located on Earth. Here, the theory states that his appearance nevertheless revolves around Er dish affairs, since Peter Quill, Alias ​​Star Lord, is originally from there.

As with the first theory, these also succeeded in the ear of producers, which they installed in one of their films. In two scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 you can see Stan Lee in a yellow room suit on a stone sitting in space. Next to him are a few Watchers, whom he tells the stories he experienced on earth.

With this scene, producers have recalve this theory again. Whatever the role of the legendary comic car was ultimately, he probably took the mystery in the grave. Since Stan Lees Death in 2018, the Marvel fans still wish to be able to see the co-makers of their universe in the future at least in the form of images in the new films.

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