Pro Nuzlocker Ranks Every Gen 4 Pokemon Five stacks everywhere are today talking about the news that they can play with their friends regardless of their Valorant rank from the latest Valorant update. While it is good news for groups with significant ranking, the update for four stacks is bad news.

This is because, according to the latest patch notes of four-day teams in competitive game modes are no longer allowed to prevent solo players from being excluded in the queue and feel inclined. These types of groups tend to leave a relatively bad gambling experience to the remaining solo queue player, and we believe that removal of this option will lead to a significant reduction in total toxicity reports, says Riot Games in the KlebenOtitor.

While the developer finds that the changes in matchmaking are a risk to competitive integrity, he believes that he has made the right choice to reduce not only online toxicity but also the Surfing.

The five-stack changes that make it possible to connect to players, regardless of rank with their friends, should stick to higher rank players to play on alternative accounts to play with their friends with a lower rank.

Our data has shown that the most common reason is that player smasher, if you want to play with your friends outside our current rank restrictions, says Riot.

However, to make it justice to all — and to reduce the risk of the integrity of competition — players in certain groups, as a result, receive fewer ranking points. How much they deserve depends on their rank and rank discourage in their group. The hardest, however, it meets radiant players. At the moment every Radiant player who plays with someone outside his rank is hit by an RR reduction of 90%.

The time will show if this makes the competitive matchmaking experience for all more comfortable, but one thing is certain: Riot does not be afraid of shaking things up.