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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and also Pokémon Shining Pearl are 2021 remakes of the 2006 Nintendo DS role-playing video clip games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. The video games become part of the 8th generation of the Pokémon video clip game series and were established by INCA and also published by Nintendo as well as The Pokémon Company for the Nintendo Switch over. The games were released on 19 November 2021. They were announced as part of the Pokémon 25th Wedding anniversary occasion, together with Pokémon Legends: Areas. They are the very first major Pokémon video games not to be developed by Game Fanatic. The video game obtained positive evaluations from movie critics.

Pokémon Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl The most recent upgrade has left the game with considerable additions to the Grand Underground and thus comes the complete coordination of the secret arms. In addition, the visual update was incredible, and now you can enjoy your Secret bases better than ever before. If you have waived in the past to create a secret base, the time has come now, and so do it in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

How to create a secret base in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Access to the secret arms is not a breeze, as it seems. So that this happens in your game, you must first run a few steps.

First you have to get the Digger Drill. Once you have received these, you can create your secret association. In order to acquire it, you can complete the challenges in Eternal City, which will give you the Underground. You will find him next to the Pokémon Center. After you have received the Digger Drill, go to the Grand Underground with your Explorer kit. You need to know that there is no more than you have selected the place for your secret base as the rod drill is only one way out. So make sure he's where you want him. Now you are ready to create your secret base. Locate a wall, open the menu and select the excavator drill drops from the drop. As soon as you do this, a hole will break in the wall and in this new area you are in your secret base. After the base has been created now, you can actually move it to another location later. To do this, just look for another excavator drill by going to the Grand Underground and use your Explorer kit. Then you can also act with the dealers of the large underground spheres. As soon as you have your new excavator drill, you will find your new location for a secret base and place the wall where you want it. Go to the menu and repeat the above steps and select Moving from the option list and from there your Secret Base is now at your new location. You can repeat this as often as you like.

Pokémon Brilliant diamond and shiny pearl are a great explosion of the past and this complete remake lets you easily fall back into the addiction cycle, which these games originally caused a long time ago. The chic new graphic, the funny features and the easy to navigate interface offer all the reason to try again to catch them all.

Pokémon Brilliant diamond and luminous pearl is now available for Nintendo Switch.

How To Make A Secret Base Underground In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

— This article was updated on November 23, 2021