GTA: The Trilogy stammers his launch on PC

If, to believe the good Amati, the quality of the remasters of the GTA trilogy leaves something to be desired, its launch has also known some difficulties. On PC, players had indeed to wait on Sunday, November 14, for several days after the game exit, to be able to throw it. The Rockstar Games client has also been offline for several hours, cutting access to the different productions of the studio.

GTA Trilogy: Definitive Edition - Before You Buy [4K]

What to know is that GTA: The Trilogy — Definitive Edition is sold only on the Rock star shop, and its launch goes through a dedicated client, which is similar to for Blizzard or Play For Ubisoft. It was this client who was first put offline by Rock star at the time of the launch of the game, this November 11, thus preventing PC players from accessing all their Rockstar Games.

The reason ? Files discovered by Detainees, which demonstrate the presence of the original music in the game code, including GTA: San Andreas, the latter being simply programmed so as not to launch them. As a reminder, some original pieces of the trilogy were withdrawn from its soundtrack due to exhalation rights (for example, the Jean of Michael Jackson in Vice City ). In addition, a whole collection of developers comments has also been found in the operation, abandoned in the middle of the Game Code, opening a valuable window on the development process.

Rock star will have set several hours to make its client again, and several days before reviving an expected version of GTA: The Trilogy — Definitive Edition, now available.