[Child TV] Justa 2021 Craftton, Battleground: News Tate first!

Kid Reporter [Eye News 24 Municipal Reporter] International Game Exhibition Pupa 2021 Public Day has begun on the publication of Susan Busch in the first exhibition hall in Susan Busch. This year, the 17th Anniversary, the Korea Games Industry Association (K-Games) will be organized by the Pasta Organizing Committee, and the Gestational Information Committee and the National Information Industry Promotion Agency. This year, Cacao Games will take the main sponsor and packed 100 booths, the largest scale of participants. Cacao Games was a new work, such as the Umamusume Pretty Derby, Creighton introduces the latest Battleground: News Tate, and the Gravity has exhibited a total of 13 species, including the new work, including the Ragnarök Begins. In the shift, the Nike: Winning Booths booth.