Battlefield 2042 finally wants to fix its biggest problems, shows Roadmap with over 200 improvements

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Battlefield developer DICE has expressed itself in a detailed blog mail on the official website fromBattlefield 2042 to the location, the next update and for the future. Mango summarizes for you, which is in the next patch and how the roadmap looks like a release.

That's why it's in the blog post: DICE comments in detail to the start of Battlefield 2042 and the problems you want to tackle. In advance, the developers thank the players, they are almost twice as many as before when starting Battlefield V.

You want to do everything to deliver the players to the Battlefield they deserve. In addition, one will evaluate in detail whether features could return from previous Battlefield offshoots. For example, the scoreboard, server browser and voice chat is called a lot of fans back. But there are no concrete information yet.

But that was for the upcoming update and the general roadmap. Here you will find the information at a glance.

Update 2 is to finally diversify the assault rifles, comes tomorrow

That says Dice to the next update: After the developers have previously been commented on Twitter to the next update, there are finally new information. The patch officially called Update 2 should come tomorrow, on Thursday, November 25th.

The update is several, big problems:

The scattering of the assault rifles and other weapons should be reduced. Thus you go to a problem that made assault rifles on medium distances weaker than machine guns. But other weapons are partly affected by the improvement. Only shotguns are excluded. The bonded renovations should be fixed. The Redeployed Bug, where players stayed in the resuscitation screen, is resolved. The op-hovercraft and the Night bird helicopter are adjusted and slightly weakened.

The problem with the scatter was a big topic. Dice wrote the following:

We have made a number of adjustments to many weapons, which aim to significantly reduce the effects of scattering on the shooting experience. In other words, after these changes, a well-aligned shot will take its goal within the intended range of the weapon.

In addition, the progress system for Battlefield Portal as well as for solo and co-op lots against Bots again activated. This has been deactivated in the meantime, as players took advantage of the mode to boost their levels and come to the maximum so fast.

Now you have reactivated the system after making some adjustments. DICE will continue to look for farm servers and keep an eye on the topic.

Then it was about the update 3 and how it goes on.

Roadmap and Update 3

WAN comes the update 3? According to Dice, the third update should come in early December and that contains some changes and other fixes:

Extensive improvements in the user interface, including improvements on the menu for weapon attachments. Improvements to matchmaking, which should significantly reduce a probability for unsuccessful game search and improved crossly. Improved progress, including weekly missions and challenges. Fixes for graphics errors and glitches Over 150 fixes for maps More editor options for Battlefield Portal and several smaller improvements in weapons, vehicles and gadgets Several improvements in Hazard Zone, which should improve the experience. Optimizations for the game modes in all-out Warfare, breakthrough and conquest Fixes and improvements for vehicles, weapons, HUD and the bots

There are also some adjustments and fixes for the specialists. Numerous gadgets are also optimized. But not only for weapons and gadgets is turned on the screws.

With Update 3, which fixes various small mistakes, various improvements in our soldiers are also coming. Thus, about bugs are escaped, which could be triggered by glitches with the game physics, in the water or under other circumstances.

A currently prominent example is strange, floating soldiers swimming in the air when they want to scale water:

Even the melee is improved, and some glitches fixed, which could occur in a stealth takeDown.

A complete list of changes can be found in the blog entry of DICE on the official website:

How does it look with the performance on the PC? DICE has also been expressed. You have the problem on the screen and work on further optimizations, especially for the PC.

Portal might be the BEST part about Battlefield 2042...

But that will take more time and take a while. But you will try everything at short notice ; To improve performance and stabilize the frame rates. But there are no concrete announcements. What do you think about the announcements? Do you see Battlefield on the right track? Suitable for this you can participate in our survey and discuss with us: Battlefield 2042 had a serious start, but how are you?