Battlefield 2042 Content Update Delayed to Repair Pests, Claims Leaker

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DICE plans to enhance the gamer experience by taking care of Battlefield 2042 crash concerns and bugs in an upgrade, according to a leaker..

Battlefield 2042 is lastly below, after months of waiting, some wonderful trailers, together with numerous leakages. However, the video game is much from ideal as a number of pests and also concerns continue frustrating the franchise business fans.

DICE Actually Fixing Battlefield 2042? Major Patch News

Battlefield 2042 gamers are several of one of the most passionate players around. The video game has actually currently surpassed 40,000 Mainly Unfavorable testimonials on Heavy steam.

Fortunately, the video game's developers seem to be familiar with the growing gamer problems. And currently intend to concentrate on dealing with the problems.

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Battlefield 2042 Will See a Quality of Life Update Before Material Spot.

According to Beaverton Henderson, DICE will certainly be postponing the brand-new material updates. Rather, they will certainly now concentrate on boosting the gamer experience with a Quality of Life update for Battlefield 2042..

As evident in the common notes, DICE will certainly be active reducing the Battlefield 2042 game collapsing concerns. Along with this, they will also optimize the ready much better total efficiency and also security.

Gameplay adjustments and also balancing in addition to updates to the UI are a few of the points that could be featuring this Quality of Life update.

Although players found the Hovercraft issue to be amusing, Battlefield 2042 was longing for a Quality of Life update taking care of important bugs in the video game.

EA is yet to officially announce anything pertaining to this leakage. Yet with such an upgrade in the works, we're wishing that DICE present a solution for Battlefield 2042's horrible audio concern as well.

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Previously this month, Battlefield 2042 gamers additionally reported low FPS issues, with the game's performance not being up scrape.

Additionally, it shows up that followers' prompting DICE to reclaim control is already in action. Complying with the above update leak, Tom Henderson likewise revealed that DICE is working with new people in their team.

To top that, Battlefield 2042 players were likewise able to pass with wall surfaces making use of the Dozen Guard.

Make certain you utilize these settings for a far better experience, prior to the launch of the Quality of Life update for Battlefield 2042:.

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