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NFL - Antonio Brown attacks Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I should play despite injury

John Earl Madden (born April 10, 1936, in Austin, Minnesota, † December 28, 2021, in Pleasant on, California) was an American football instructor and player. He trained the Oakland Raiders in the National Football League (NFL) and belonged to the most effective trains of NFL history. After his energetic mentoring career, he was more recognized as a football commentator and also namesake for the Football computer game Madden NFL. Antonio Brown has clearly criticized the Tampa Such Buccaneers in a detailed statement after his scandal departure last Sunday. According to the Wide Receiver, the team did not take a violation seriously and want to force him to play despite his complaints. In the night on Thursday, the 33-year-old had first worded himself since his extraordinary appearance in the game against the New York Jets. Brown published a detailed message. In it, he explained that he is on an ankle infringement laborers who would take a surgery. An investigation on Monday has show

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